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On 16 th November 2017, a press conference was held at Russian Centre of Science and Culture (Cultural Department of Russian Embassy). The conference was attended by Russian Dignitaries and the management of top Hospitals of New Delhi.

The Conference was aimed at pondering over new clinical practice for Indian Medical Students studying MBBS in Russia. The primary aim was to get the cooperation from top Hospitals of New Delhi to conduct summer training sessions for Indian Medical Students.

The Delegation also signed a memorandum of cooperation with Rockland Hospital in the Press Conference to initiate the growth of new opportunities for medical students and doctors of both the countries. A student exchange program can soon be on the cards after the mutual agreement from both the parties.

The visit was a huge success as the delegation achieved what they visited India for. The delegation and the hospitals were proud to get associated with each other and we can for sure count on immense new prospects for the medical students to turn up soon.